Sourdough Breads


Flaxseed Rye Sourdough

A dark rye sourdough bread with an abundance of flaxseeds! 

Available: Loaf

Angeligus Bread

Angeligus (Tuesday - Saturday)

A rustic everyday bread. Slightly hard shell with soft, bouncy centre and a strong sourdough taste.

Available: Loaf, Peasant Loaf

Cassoni Bread

Cassoni (Tuesday - Saturday)

This hearty, healthy bread is rich in red fife flavour and texture but light enough for sandwiches and toast. 

Available: Loaf

Celtic Bread

Celtic (Tuesday - Saturday)

A robust multi-grain masterpiece containing a variety of seeds, oats, and meals. Nutty and earthy in taste. Great for your daily toast. 

Available: Buns, Loaf, Peasant Loaf

Cilantro Olive (Tuesday - Saturday)

Black Olives, Cilantro & Green Onions 

Available: Buns, Loaf, Peasant Loaf

Country Rye

Country (Rye) Sourdough (Tuesday - Saturday)

This medium textured old world recipe has an amazing rye taste but a lighter, more versatile crumb.

Available: Loaf

Kalamata Olive (Tuesday - Saturday)

White Sourdough with whole kalamata olives, roasted white onions, and oregano. Great for crostini, grilled meats, and traditional Greek fare. 

Available: Loaf

Maria Bread

Maria (Tuesday - Saturday)

A white Italian-Style bread with a mild sourdough taste and soft, relaxed texture. Perfect for sopping up soups and sauces. 

Available: Buns, Loaf, Peasant Loaf

Marble Bread

Marble (Tuesday - Saturday)

A delicious combination of Angeligus and Country Rye, interwoven by hand. A little bit of red fife and a little bit of white sourdough to keep everyone happy. 

Available: Loaf, Peasant Loaf



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