Non sourdough breads



Delicate crust with chewy inside this traditional french dough!

Available: Loaf


Multigrain Baguette

Our French baguette with the addition of whole grain and seeds!

Available: Loaf


Sandwich Buns - White and Red Fife Wholewheat

Made from Organic flours these buns have a delicate taste and soft texture! Perfect for burgers!

Available: Six pack

Brie Bread

Brié (Tuesday - Saturday)

A traditional Normandy recipe, this dense and rich bread reminds us of breakfast in sleepy seaside French towns. **Contains eggs and butter

Available: Loaf

English Muffins

English Muffins (White) (Tuesday - Saturday)

This recipe came to us via Goose Bay, Labrador. For any breakfast sandwich, eggs Benedict, or toasted and sopped with butter.

Available: Six Pack

Spelt Bread

Spelt (Tuesday - Saturday)

A pleasing, nutty flavour and a substantial texture. Made from 100% spelt flour, this loaf is ideal for people seeking to eat alternative and whole-grain breads. 

Available: Loaf



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